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Welcome to Pilkington Sailing Club.
After over sixty years of sailing, we are about to enter the next phase in the club’s development. By the end of March 2020 we will be leaving Eccleston Mere and merging with Wigan Sailing Club to form Wigan & St Helens Sailing Club, or WiSH SC for short. The new club will be based at Wigan on Scotman's Flash.
The new club will provide secure and sustainable opportunities for all those wishing to sail in the Wigan and St Helens area.
Full details can be found in the attached press release here - Pilkington Sailing Club to merge with Wigan counterparts.
Please continue to use this website for information on all Pilkington Sailing Club activities up to the end of our sailing programme on 22 March 2020.
Please visit the Wigan Sailing Club website by clicking here to find out more about our new partner club.